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January 2, 2013  

A discussion of the article by Boehm et al. in the January 2013 issue of Psychosomatic Medicine.

From the article:

...this study is one of the first of its kind to investigate how positive indicators of psychological health (i.e., optimism) and physical health (i.e., serum antioxidants) might be associated. This study also adds to the relatively limited literature on psychosocial factors and serum antioxidant status.

Participants: Julia K. Boehm, PhD, lead author; Anna L. Marsland, PhD, RN, Associate Editor; Suzanne Segerstrom, PhD, discussant. Moderator: Victoria J. White, MA, ELS, Managing Editor for Manuscript Production.

[Article] Association Between Optimism and  Serum Antioxidants in the United States Study